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Credits & License Information

This web site is powered by PostNuke, an open source GPL licensed content management system.


Module name Version Description Author Documentation
Banners 2.1 Provides support for banner advertisements and advertising clients, and provides an interface for adding, removing and administering banner ads and clients. Devin Hayes  
blank 1.0 Provides a blank, generic module to use as a template for designing and developing new modules. pnTeam   Credits License Change Log
Blocks 3.2 Provides an interface for adding, removing and administering the site's side and center blocks. Jim McDonald, Mark West  
Categories 1.03 Provides support for categories, as a concept used by other modules, and an interface for adding, removing and administering categories. Robert Gasch   Credits Change Log
Credits 1.2 Display Module credits, license, help and contact information Rob Brandt   Credits Help License Change Log
Errors 1.0 Provides the core system of the site with error-logging capability. Brian Lindner <furbo></furbo>  
Groups 2.0 Provides an interface for adding, removing and administering user groups. Mark West, Franky Chestnut, Michael Halbook  
Header_Footer 1.0 Provides the header and footer portions of legacy themes and other non-Xanthia themes. Mark West  
legal 1.2 Provides an interface for managing the web's Terms of Use, Privacy Statement and Accessibility Statement. Michael M. Wechsler   Credits Help Change Log
News 2.2 Provides the ability to add, remove and administer news articles published on the News Front Page. Mark West  
Profile 1.0 Provides a personal account control panel for each registered user, and an interface to administer the information items (controls) displayed in it. Works in close unison with the Users module. Mark West, Franky Chestnut  
Search 1.4 Provides an engine for searching within the site, and an interface for managing search page settings. Patrick Kellum   Credits Change Log
Stats 2.2 Display site statistics Mark West   Credits Help Change Log
Theme 3.1 Provides the site's theming system, and an interface for managing themes, to control the site's presentation and appearance. Mark West   Credits
Thumbnail 1.1 Provides thumbnail generation facilities via userapi functions OpenStar Module Generator  
Users 1.8 Provides an interface for configuring and administering registered user accounts. Works in close unison with the Profile module. Xiaoyu Huang, Drak  


Module name Version Description Author Documentation
Andreas08 1.1 The 'Andreas08' theme - a very good template for light, CSS-compatible themes. David Brucas, Mark West, Andreas Viklund  
Atom 1.0 The 'Atom' theme, for rendering pages in Atom mark-up Franz Skaaning  
ExtraLite 1.0 Legacy theme used during installation and upgrades, or for troubleshooting. PostNuke Development Team  
Printer 2.0 Display pages in a printer friendly format Mark West  
RSS 1.0 An auxiliary theme to display pages as an RSS feed. Mark West  
SeaBreeze 0 SeaBreeze Theme Vanessa Haakenson  
VoodooDolly 1.0 The 'Voodoo Dolly' theme - a conservative but Web 2.0 look and feel, ready to go. Mark West, pogy366  

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